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Project Summary

A historic gem rich with cultural gifts, Evergreen Highway stretches 6.1 miles from Wintler park to Camas. Unfortunately, the old highway is not safely accessible for pedestrians, joggers or bicyclists. Developing the trail will provide safe access for all community members and tourists to explore and enjoy this beautiful and historically significant part of Clark County.

Given the rich historical and cultural gifts along Evergreen Highway, the roadway should be considered a linear park. If this characterization is to be preserved to its fullest, Evergreen Highway can provide recreational and cultural opportunities for everyone in Clark County. Your support will help preserve these historical landmarks and make them accessible for everyone to enjoy.

Proposed Trail (click map for larger version)

Proposed Trail


Old Evergreen Highway Trail Coalition raises $71,000 for trail planning.

Thanks to a generous $20,000 anonymous matching donation, the Old Evergreen Highway raffle contest and campaign raised $71,000, which is only $9,000 shy of the group's $80,000 fundraising goal. The raffle contest provided the Coalition a terrific opportunity to engage the community in meaningful and informative conversations about the importance of constructing a safe walkway along the Old Evergreen Highway. The Parks Foundation is pleased to partner with groups and organizations in supporting special projects and fundraising campaigns for the parks, trails, and recreation programs of Clark County.

Please Contribute Today

Your generous contribution will help FINISH this Trail and make this dream a reality.

Evergreen Highway Trail

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