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You Can Help

Efforts to build this pedestrian path have been ongoing for many years, but the current enthusiasm and cooperation is exemplary. It is more important and pressing than ever to move forward now, to keep our community safe and to preserve a piece of local history. A significant amount of work is currently being done by neighborhood associations and the Evergreen Highway Trail Coalition to complete this project.

From Chelsea to 192nd Avenue is approximately 6.5 miles, 0.5 mile of which has already been completed (between Ellsworth and Columbia Springs). The estimated cost for the remaining six miles is $1 million per mile. At this point we estimate that it will take and additional $6 million to complete the project.

We need your help through a number of ways to support this project. Contributing couldn't be easier—just visit our secure online donation page. Every name of the individual donating will be highlighted quarterly via the following sponsorship program.

Below are the sponsorship levels as now established. There is a range for everyone to contribute:

Sponsorship Level
What's Included

$6 million

Level V—"Trail Sponsorship"

Donor recieves:
  • Name of Trail
  • Letter of appreciation

$1 million - $125,000

Level IV"Mile Sponsorship"

All donors recieve:
  • Letter of appreciation
  • Brick
  • Plaque on "wall of appreciation"
  • Permanent monument / marker along Hwy
1 Mile = $1 million
  • Up to four recognition elements along Hwy
1/2 Mile = $500,000
  • Up to two recognition elements along Hwy
1/4 Mile = $250,000
  • Up to one recognition element along Hwy
1/8 Mile = $125,000
  • Up to one recognition element along Hwy

$5,000.00 - $124,999.99

Level III

All donors recieve (levels identified depending upon amount donated by tree, e.g.):
  • Letter of appreciation
  • Brick
  • Plaque on "wall of appreciation" (higher levels of donation will receive different placing)
$100,000 - $124,999.99 = Sycamore
$75,000 - $99,999.99 = Alder
$50,000 - 74,999.99 = Oak
$25,000 - 49,999.99 = Hawthorn
$5,000 - 24,999.99 = Dogwood

$250.00 - $4,999.99

Level II"Brick Sponsorship"

All donors recieve:
  • Letter of appreciation
  • Brick (size detailed below)
$1,000.00 - $4,999.99 = 6' sidewalk
$500.00 = Large Brick (8x8)
$250.00 = Brick (4x8)

$1 - $249.99

Level I

All donors recieve:
  • Letter of appreciation

Old Evergreen Highway Trail Coalition raises $71,000 for trail planning.

Thanks to a generous $20,000 anonymous matching donation, the Old Evergreen Highway raffle contest and campaign raised $71,000, which is only $9,000 shy of the group's $80,000 fundraising goal. The raffle contest provided the Coalition a terrific opportunity to engage the community in meaningful and informative conversations about the importance of constructing a safe walkway along the Old Evergreen Highway. The Parks Foundation is pleased to partner with groups and organizations in supporting special projects and fundraising campaigns for the parks, trails, and recreation programs of Clark County.

Please Contribute Today

Your generous contribution will help FINISH this Trail and make this dream a reality.

Evergreen Highway Trail

Parks Foundation